Why you never stop Asking a Question?

Ask Questions, know what is in demand, find out the behaviour of people, asses your business team or school
staff and students by our powerful quiz and survey solution. Creating fun, professional and interactive quizzes
increases your retention time and number of visits on the website that can lead to higher conversion rate.
Online Quizzes saves lots of expenditure done on exams, training, surveys and researches.

Reasons to use online Quiz

  • iconUsing text, images and video Quizzes makes training more memorable.
  • iconIncrease competition and give high result.
  • iconMake assessment of trainees, students, and staff easy.
  • iconGive you a larger view and results of surveys or polls.
  • iconHelp doctors to find out personality of their patient.
  • iconHelps to find out more precise assumptions in research.

Features, our Quiz & Survey Solution Incorporates with

WDMTECH, delivers user-interactive, fully featured and easily customisable Quiz and survey solutions.
You can generate awe-inspiring quizzes that engages your audience in a unique and fun
way and connect them to your brand or learning material.


Highly Informative Dashboard

Easy to use Leader Board and Progress Tracker based on categories, skills, quizzes etc.


Chapters & Quizzes Management

Create and manage Learning Path, Lessons and Quizzes, Question group and Branching, and much more.


Multiple Quiz Types

Create, play and challenge your friends with variety of Quizzes like Trivia, Simulation, Personality, MBTI, Poll and Survey.


Permission and Security

Multiple security options with number of permission levels like administrator, registered client & end user.


Get Notified & Reported

You get Notifications, dynamic result and certificate with our advance graphical reporting, message, mail and other sources.


Business Plans & Features

Admin can create and manage subscriptions, orders, discounts & coupons, payment and tax features for the subscribing users.

Let's Begin the Deal

Ask a right question at right time

We offer you varieties of quizzes to serve different purpose at different requirements and enable you to
create and manage Single and Multi-Category Quizzes, anywhere at any time and from any device.

icon Trivia
icon Simulation
icon Personality
icon MBTI
icon Poll/Survey

Why Choose Us?


Native and Cross Platform Development

Our code-poets are enough proficient in providing progressive web apps and Native Android & IOS Apps.


Customize The Way You Like It

We can customize any tailor-made solution to make it best fit for your business domain and to achieve goals you set.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

We boost your growth with extra-ordinary digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, ORM, SMM, Content Marketing etc.


Get Running In No Time

No need to develop anything from scratch, we provide you tailor made solutions, saves you a lot of time and development cost.

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